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Crypto Clout 

We present to you our newest project within the NFT world, Crypto Clout. 

An NFT card collection we created for an influencer with over 6 million followers, Ryan Shakes.

(Turn sound on for full effect)

For Influencers

- We monetize your content and sell it as an NFT collectible for your fans to own as a piece of your brand.

- We create & sell "digitalized" merchandise such as a limited NFT card collection for your brand.

- We take care of all the complex NFT technology so you do not have to worry about any of it.

For Fans

- Collect & Trade your favorite Influencer's Card Collectibles, which will only go up in value over time.

- Collect & Trade your favorite Influencer's viral social media content such as YouTube videos, thumbnails, Tik-Toks, pictures, and much more! 

- Support your favorite influencers & own a piece of their brand! 

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